Business Review

Review of Business and Economics

The Review of Business and Economics, formerly known as Tijdschrift voor Economie en Management (TvEM), first published in 1956, is the journal of the Integrated Faculty of Economics, Applied Economics and Business of the Association of K.U.Leuven, which includes K.U.Leuven, K.U.Brussel, European University College Brussels (EHSAL), Lessius University College, and Vlekho Business School.

It is published on a quarterly basis, in March, June, September and December. RBE welcomes submissions of empirical and theoretical research manuscripts in all fields of economics and business.

It accepts articles that offer a new theoretical argument, analyze original data in a novel fashion or present an innovative methodological approach. It also welcomes the submission of review articles and policy relevant papers.

The goal of RBE is to contribute to the development of economic and applied economic sciences, and to improve communication between academic researchers, teachers, business leaders and policy makers across Flanders, Europe and beyond.

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