The FEB announces a new GSK Research Chair

GSK Research Chair on the Red-design of Healthcare Supply Chains in developing Countries to increase Access to Medicines (2016-2020)

This research chair wants to interface between academia, public authorities and the private sector in order to increase the access to medicines. Focus will be on redesign of health care supply chains in developing countries where multiple stakeholders are present. Scenario’s, containing analytical models of the supply chain, will be constructed whilst multi-criteria decision models will be used to filter out the most promising scenarios. The latter will be the basis for taking final decisions on strategic supply chain directions.

Publication attached: C. Decouttere, N. Vandaele, S. Lemmens and M. Bernuzzi, ‘The Vaccine Supply Chain Multathlon: the Reconciliation of Technology, Economy and Access to Medicines’, Advances in Humanitarian Operations, C. Zobel, N. Altay and M. Haselkorn, Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-24418-1), 205-227, 2016.