Netwerk met Ekonomika AlumniWelcome to Ekonomika Alumni, your exclusive network as a graduate of FEB, the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration of KU Leuven!

Together with FEB, we help you to connect with over 50,000 fellow alumni from all places, sectors and generations. As a proud FEB graduate, you're part of the largest alumni network in Belgium. 

We aim to provide you with a welcoming community, a strong network and an ongoing social commitment. We organise online and offline events to build your network, catch up with old friends and discover our economy behind-the-scenes during one-of-a-kind company visits.

Together with our Faculty, we work on a strong program around lifelong learning with masterclasses, online and offline courses, workshop series and webinars. 

This is how we build Your Lifelong Network. Stay tuned!

International ChaptersFEB All around the world

The worldwide network of alumni chapters of KU Leuven provides a welcome connection for graduates returning home, or for those arriving in a new area.

KU Leuven has 13 international chapters (Berlin, Brazil, China - Beijing, China - Shanghai, India, Indonesia, New York, London, Japan, the Netherlands, Ethiopia, Vietnam & Thailand).

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As Ekonomika Alumni, we highly recommend to get in touch with one of the KU Leuven international chapters as your first point of contact in these areas.

Are you interested in setting up a chapter yourself in your country of living? Are you looking to connect with fellow FEB graduates in your area? We would love to help you. Get in touch with our office management at !

English activities in BelgiumFEB Activities

At the moment, a majority of our activities organised in Belgium are in Dutch, often due to the nature of the event (e.g. company visit tours, reunions).

We are working hard to extend our calendar with a vast amount of English events, focusing on lifelong learning activities, webinars and building an international network community in our capital Brussels.

However, we can't do this alone. 

We are actively looking for enthusiastic (international) FEB graduates living in Belgium who would like to take part in building a strong internationally oriented community for their fellow young graduates. If you're up for organising yearly reunions and network events, get in touch today with our office management at or contact one of our chairmen Righard Bruyns, Peter Lamens or Ludovic Deprez.

FEB Community

An ongoing social commitment

Our alumni network is only at its best when we help and inform each other. As Ekonomika Alumni, we think it's crucial that all our alumni are 'giving back' to their faculty & students, fellow alumni and society as a whole. 

That is why we aim to offer a platform to our members to help each other professionally, but also to speak up for a charity or good cause where you as an alumnus are actively involved in. 

We are happy to open up our network and communication channels as a socially committed alumni association. 

Send your question or proposal to! Find out more about collaboration with FEB on this website.

FEB AmbassadorBecome an Ambassador

Are you going back to your home country or planning on working abroad? In any case, we’re happy to keep in touch with you. As an alumni ambassador you can share and build on your experience at FEB. You can be our eyes and ears in the country you will be living in and act as a representative for your Faculty of Economics and Business.

We are setting up a specific online community for our international FEB ambassadors and all alumni living and working abroad. We would love to make this an active community where all our international graduates can share their experiences. 

Interested in becoming an ambassador?
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Want to join the online community?
Join your fellow international alumni at KU Leuven Connect.